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nj jersey new york massage therapy hands with heart


I feel excellent!!! I was exhausted yesterday after my session, slept and my "butt" feels Great - has never felt better!! I just want to tell you something - Thank you for talking to me.  For being "frank" with me. And for sharing with me what it is that I am experiencing and possibly why. I know that you are so damn intuitive, you are connected to God. I feel fabulous but still a bit exhausted and sore.  You have magic hands! You are a healer!  I mean it.  I can get our of a chair with no stiffness.  I can get out of bed so much easier.  D.H.

I believe your services are helping to keep my Aunt alive.  God bless you.    V.A.

Theresa is prompt, honest, and even took extra steps to notify our family if she noticed something about my father's health that seemed to have been over-looked by the nursing home staff.  Theresa is passionate and professional, determined to bring peace and healing to all of her clients.  You can be sure that she will do the right thing for you and/or your loved one. (taken from a letter of recommendation) written by L.H.

Awesome.....all is well.  Slept like a baby & absolutely no soreness whatsoever. U R da best, Hugs back and my gratitude.  R.S.

Just wanted to let you know how much your talk was appreciated by the "Bloomingdale Seniors on the Move" group.  Your presentation was on of the best and most informative over the past 10 years of our program.  Thank you again and hopefully you can come back in the future for another talk on the importance of therapeutic massage and touch.  Pat Yannacci, Director


You are thorough!!!  You didn't hurt me at all. I don't recall having the numbness going on or the arm pain.  I thought everything was very nicely done.  You had relaxing music in the background, that smell of incense that most are used to with massage, customer approval of Norma Jean is adorable and most of all, I could tell you know what your are doing. I could have laid there for another hour!!! I already left a message with Cindy to thank her for the recommendation.  Yes, I would recommend you.  In fact, I have a friend with trigger finger. T.


Theresa is extremely knowledgeable regarding the benefits of massage for the elderly, especially those with memory impairment.  During our meeting, she let me know that her services can reduce challenging behaviors in our residents such as aggression and agitation.  She felt it could improve sleep patterns, increase blood flow and relief from joint and body stiffness, and reduce heart rate and lower blood pressure.  Well, I have witnessed, firsthand, how true it is.  Theresa is extremely compassionate and considerate of the needs of our residents.  She is very accommodating and flexible.  I am impressed with her skills and her passion for her field.  I am pleased to have Theresa as part of the Arden Courts team.  (excerpt from a letter of recommendation written by) Amy Beth DePreker

Enclosed is my check for one hundred dollars for a great massage!  Thank you.  Love, P.M.

I have had many different healing modalities in the last twenty years as well as physical therapy.  Your IGM acupressure and your therapeutic massage helped my body on every level.  My stenosis in my neck and back are better and my overall fibromyalgia pain is all gone.  My muscles feel brand new!  The balancing of the energy you do was like a warm hug and a feeling of peace and relaxation.  My overall health through your touch is amazing.  You can not understand this beautiful process until you experience it.  D.D.


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nj jersey new york massage therapy hands with heart Hands with Heart